Friday, November 4, 2011


I did mention in THIS POST that I have a penchant for plied yarns with slow color changes, right? I recently became aware of a relatively new sock yarn, Crystal Palace "Sausalito" that is soft and lovely, with gorgeous color shifts in the plies. I am already a fan of their "Mini Mochi" yarn, so how could I go wrong?

I ordered two balls of Prism, and two balls of Firebird. You need two balls to make two socks. The Prism is shown above. Whoa, Nellie! While I do like socks that are more like fraternal twins than identical, these don't even look closely related. The difference is that the colors of the plies line up in the ball at the right, but contradict in the ball on the left. So, the way to solve this dilemma is to: 1) make stripes by alternating balls, or 2) buy another two balls and hope to get a closer match. I chose to buy two more balls. The new ones are at the top:

I WIN!!!

Now that it appears that I can make two pairs of rainbow socks, I have read the Ravelry reviews of this yarn, and it seems that socks made from this yarn do not hold up well in the wash, even with gentle treatment. So maybe I will try gloves, hats, or a scarf instead.


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