Thursday, January 26, 2012


I'm on a hat jag. The ideas keep coming... what if I try this pattern with that yarn? The results are so rewarding because the projects are portable, I can finish a hat in less than a week, and unlike socks or mittens I only have to make one! It doesn't bother me in the least that I can't possibly wear all of these hats in my lifetime- I am happy to give them away!

Both of these hats are from one of my favorite pattern books, "Hats On!" by Charlene Schurch, available HERE. I made mittens based on this pattern a long time ago, and have had my eye on the hat pattern for years. I just couldn't see making it with the fine yarn and tiny needles recommended in the pattern, so I substituted thicker yarn ("Mini Mochi" by Crystal Palace) and scaled things down to compensate. The yarn does all the color tricks by itself! The Ravelry link is HERE.

Here is another hat made with a similar color-changing yarn, Knitpicks "Chroma". The sideways cable is made first, joined together, and then stitches are picked up and knit for the hat body and crown. I love the way the colors stripe, but didn't care much for the dull and blotchy colors of this particular colorway. I also discovered that the cable I chose doesn't stretch much, which is NOT a good thing for a hat! I guess the person who gets this hat will have to meet very precise head measurement specifications. Ravelry link HERE.

Still on the needles: a hat knit at such a tight gauge that not only is it thick and warm, I think it will be bulletproof too! Perhaps I should see if I can market it to the Canadian military.


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