Monday, January 10, 2011


I am making my fourth shawl. I have always wanted a shawl. I made THIS ONE for my Aunt Jane. I made THIS ONE for my friend Susan. And I just finished THIS ONE for my mother in law. MY TURN!

I fell in love with the Curlicue Shawl when I saw this photo on Ravelry, and decided this was it. I love working with Mini Mochi, and these are my favorite colors. How could I go wrong? Well, um...

I did buy the yarn and knit up the shawl. It was a fun project, and I loved making it. It is done. I tried it on, and, well, it was tiny! Didn't even cover my elbows. I know "shawlettes" are in fashion these days, but I do prefer them longer. Then I saw THIS SHAWL as a demo at my local yarn shop, and from it I got the great idea- I'll just knit a pretty lace edging onto the curlicue shawl, and then it will be long enough!

I found my edging in Lesley Stanfield's The New Knitting Stitch Library, stitch #291. Of course lace edgings are designed to be knit onto a straight edge, and the edge of the curlicue shawl is zig-zagged. I could have made it straight, if I had planned ahead, but I didn't. So I had to figure out how to modify the shape of the edging to fit into the zig-zag border. It wasn't that hard on paper, so off I went.

It's coming out well, but it's slow and finicky. It took me many hours to make the tiny bit in the photo below, the part that is draped over the cat. One section done, eight more to go. It's a long way around, baby.


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