Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Aunt Jane's flower shawl is almost finished. Right now it's a big pile of lumpy lilac, but in another week or so it will be a thing of breathtaking beauty. It will bloom. It is getting to be a bit of a cumbersome lapful to knit on, so I needed something smaller and more portable for traveling.

Enter the perfect portable project, the dishcloth. I saw this pattern for the crocheted Crazy Cloth on Ravelry, and was absolutely intrigued because I couldn't figure out how it was made. This really bugs me! So I had to make one!

The construction is pretty clever. It starts with the loop. The beginning of each row is actually at the center corner diagonally opposite from the loop, and each row dodges out to a side corner, returns back across the middle, over to the other corner, and finally back to the center. Way cool!

The pink and blue cloth at left is made from hand dyed Peaches & Creme, and the ecru cloth at right is from undyed sport weight cotton, and edged with the same cotton dyed in autumn colors. (Trust me, the sport weight cotton works better for a crocheted dishcloth).


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