Thursday, February 10, 2011


Yesterday was a day to dye for! (Sorry!) Really, I haven't dyed yarn in well over a year. The recession killed off yarn sales for a while, so I lived off the inventory for 2010. But business is picking up again, so it was time to dye up some new yarns.

Dyeing is kind of like knitting- begin with something boring, and make it into something beautiful. Of course I usually work with white yarn because it has the most potential and flexibility for adding color. Occasionally, though, I get a good deal on some colored yarn. As long as it isn't really dark, it's kind of fun to overdye it and see what can be done to make it pretty. I give it a makeover!

The photos above and below show the before and after pictures. The skeins are in the same relative positions. The coral red was especially challenging, but got turned into some pretty "valentine" yarn. All the wool is lace weight except the dark purple, which is DK (light worsted). These plus more are available for sale on my website HERE.


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