Monday, June 27, 2011


Do socks have a life? A friend of mine, who shares my enthusiasm for knitting socks, once expressed the desire to live in her sock drawer. We both think of our knitted socks as children of sorts who grow up, maybe move away, and have a productive life. I am confident that they don't have to pay taxes. But do they die?

My daughter acquired some parakeets as a young girl. She was quite fascinated and charmed with the budgies. To humor her, I dyed some wool yarn in parakeet colors and knit up some parakeet socks, shown above. She wore them for many years. They weren't made out of very good yarn to start with, and they didn't hold up well. They felted, they became permanently dingy. At least the dye didn't fade much. One of them even wandered off somewhere, as socks do sometimes. Possibly it even fled. Then the moths found the remaining one, and turned it into Parakeet Swiss Cheese (photo below, click to enlarge).

This sock has used up its useful life. It will no longer keep any feet warm or snuggly, but I cherish the memories. I can't bear to toss it in the trash. I guess it will have to go in the attic along with my favorite baby outfits that the kids outgrew (in a week). The first born of those babies is about to go far, far away, off to college, to begin his own life. It will be even harder to let him go.


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