Thursday, August 11, 2011


The current old dog is in poor health, and I know the end is coming. Time to start over. This is our new baby. We picked her up from the dog pound yesterday. She is a lab mix, and about four months old. Small for a lab too, only 20 pounds. She will probably mature at less than 40.

Following the family tradition of having geologic names for dogs, we named her "Onyx". Previous dogs have been named Sinter, Trona, and Tufa. I like short names for dogs, and can't imagine calling out for "Obsidian" or "Peridotite".

It really is kind of like having a newborn in the house. She chews on everything, yarn included, and is not housebroken. Extra vigilance is called for. But it's such a heartwarming thing to have a playful dog again- in true retriever form, chasing balls or carrying chew toys (or yarn balls) around is just about her favorite activity, next to eating. I had almost forgotten how much fun it is to throw balls for a dog!

The old dog seems to be taking it mostly in stride, as long as she can sleep undisturbed. She does get a bit grumpy about the youngster's attempts to play. It was only thirteen years ago that the situation was reversed, and the old dog was the rambunctious youngster. The cycle goes on.

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