Thursday, August 25, 2011


(WHAT???!!! I must be crazy!!! Why am I telling you this-- I SELL yarn on the internet!!)

I am having so much fun knitting the Manly College Sweater (previous post) that I decided it was high time I knit myself a cabled sweater. I love knitting cables! I haven't made a cabled sweater for quite a few years. The last one I made was a large aran cardigan made from Reynolds Saucy cotton. It turned out beautifully. It also weighed about five hundred pounds. The yarn has not stood up to time or washing well. I want another one, this time made of nice soft warm lightweight wool.

So I went on an internet hunt for worsted weight wool. I really like working with heather colors (yarn made from fibers of several colors), so I went straight to Harrisville Designs. Their heathers are absolutely stunning, but the wool is kind of scratchy. Also very expensive. No good. Next I looked carefully at Plymouth Galway and Cascade 220, both of which are soft four-plies, and come in some lovely heathery hues. I picked out several that I liked, but finally decided on Galway #745, "dusk heather".

Now I know better than anybody that computer monitors are quite different in the way they show colors, so I was careful to look at as many pictures of Galway #745 as I could find on the web. Six results are shown at the top of this post.

Isn't it amazing? Can this possibly be the same color??? I actually emailed the ebay seller of this color and asked her to describe the color in words. She said "Pale lilac with undertones of blue".

Now that the yarn is in my hands, I placed it on the scanner and got the color as close to real life as I could on my monitor. The results are above. I would describe the color as a blend of blue and red fibers, with the overall effect as lavender. The website that came the closest to the true color is *DING DING* THIS one. I am quite pleased with it, and looking forward to making THIS sweater.


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