Sunday, January 20, 2013


About five years ago I made these now bedragged and sorry-looking slipper socks for my husband. He wore them a lot, and was so careful with them that he even wore socks underneath so that he wouldn't dirty them unnecessarily (how can you not love a man like that?). The yarn is Plymouth Encore, and as you can see it did not hold up well. I used a generic sock pattern, and purchased leather soles. The soles are in fine shape, so I decided to do the tops again. A makeover.

The stitch pattern is my own invention. It is a juiced-up version of "Elegant Ribbing" from Barbara Walker's Third Treasury of Knitting Patterns. Since mine is a bit more elegant than elegant, I shall call it "Majestic Ribbing".

Here is a chart for Majestic Ribbing with a multiple of eight stitches, plus two edge stitches (one at each edge). The red box shows the pattern repeat.

Here are the slippers after the makeover, this time with Berroco "Vintage". I left one sole off for the photo so you could see they are just regular old socks. 


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  1. Beautiful pattern but I can't read charts to save my life. Any way this could be written out?Thank you in advance.